Gold Star Winners!

Dillon Lewis and Hannah Ditzler, the first recipients of the Gold Star Awards for Excellence in Musical Theater presented by the PHS Musical Boosters.

The Gold Star Award for Excellence in Musical Theater is presented by the PHS Musical Boosters. Awarded annually, this award is presented to two graduating seniors in recognition of their outstanding theater contributions, exemplary leadership, and continual dedication to musical theater. Students who participate in the Spring Musical production as a cast, pit orchestra, or stage crew member are eligible for this award. Members of the production team provide recommendations to the awards committee, and two deserving seniors are selected.

Both recipients of the 2012  awards participated in the musical all four of their high school years. They have welcomed thousands of parents, students, faculty, and community members to the PHS auditorium as they enjoyed the productions of Bye, Bye, Birdie; Beauty and the Beast; The Music Man; and Footloose.

Hannah Ditzler played the saxophone for her first three years at PHS and served in 2012 as the student director of what became the Hershey Apollo Award Nominated Pit of Footloose. Dillon Lewis humored audiences through his talents of cross dressing, delivering perfectly timed quips, and dancing the “Shipoppi.” In addition, he  wowed audiences with his wisdom and maturity as Rev. Shaw Moore and as a leader to his fellow musical theater company mates. His talents have been recognized by the Hershey Apollo Awards an almost unheard of four times.

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